How to Find Jewellery That Suits You Blog.

Nothing completes an outfit like a piece of jewellery but finding the right pieces can be a struggle. Standing in the accessories section of your favourite clothes shop can be overwhelming.

Do you go for gold or silver? Long earrings or simple studs? A plain chain necklace or bold statement jewels?

If you have ever felt lost in a sea of gemstones and precious metals, follow our guide for finding the perfect accessory for you.


Jewellery is like the perfect spice - it always complements what’s already there. - Diane Von Furstenberg


What colour metal suits me?

Finding the right colours to complement you essentially comes down to finding your skin undertone. You can identify your skin undertone by looking at your wrist. What colour are your veins?

Blue = Cool. Pink and blue undertones.

Green = Warm. Yellow and gold undertones. This may also be an indicator that you have an olive skin tone, where you have a hint of green in your skin colour.

Colourless = Neutral. If there is no distinct colour to your veins, you may have neutral undertones.

If you have identified that you have a cool skin tone, silver may suit you better than any other colour. Alternatively, if you have a warm skin tone, gold could complement you nicely.

This tip is useful for finding makeup to suit you too! Many foundations will use either a pink or yellow undertone in their formula. If you have ever found a foundation to be too yellow or pink, investigate the brand to see if they have foundations for warmer or cooler skin tones.

What jewellery suits my face shape?

The beauty of jewellery isn’t just the precious gems. Jewellery can highlight the beautiful features you already have. The right piece of jewellery can complement your face shape by softening strong jawlines, bringing balance, and by creating an illusion that changes the shape of your face.


Face type: This face shape is generally as wide as it is long with a rounded jawline.

Selecting longer pieces of jewellery can help elongate a round face. Combine long earrings and a long pendant necklace to accentuate the illusion of longer lines. Try jewellery that features straight lines, like geometric shapes, to reduce the roundness of facial lines.


Face type: Elongated shape that is longer than it is wide and a gently curved chin.

Short and chunky necklaces compliment long faces very well. They take attention away from the length that is already there. Pair with studs or short earrings, as long earrings may make the face look even longer.


Face type: Narrow at the forehead which then gets wider at the jawline. Sometimes called a Triangle face shape.

As the jawline is wider than the top of the head, use long statement jewellery to elongate and balance out the width of the jaw. Long earrings which end at the cheekbone can create the illusion of more width at the cheeks – balancing out the proportions of the face.


Face type: Widest point is at the forehead and then tapers down with a sharp jawline and chin.

Earrings that end at the chin can help bring a bit more width to the lower half of the face, creating more balanced proportions. Similarly, short necklaces can add fullness to the jawline as well.


Face type: The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all the same width, usually with an angled jaw.

Long necklaces and earrings can soften a strong and angular jaw to create softer facial angles. Try a layered necklace with different lengths or even bolder statement pieces to draw the eye down and create the impression of a softer, elongated jaw and chin.