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  1. How to Style One Dress, Three Ways

    A person in a floral dress with a blue background.

    Sometimes, you have too many things to do, and not enough outfits! However, never fear – we have come up with three different ways to style one dress! So, whether you need it to be casual or dressy, we’ve got you covered.

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  2. Offers of the Month

    A clothes rack.

    Here at Fashion Friendly, we love a bargain! That’s why we have listed our top five offers from this month, so you can buy yourself a treat, at a fraction of the price! Simply enter the code FFBLOG1 at checkout, and your discount on any of these items will be automatically applied. Happy shopping!

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  3. The Best Footwear for Summer

    A variety of shoes on a yellow background.

    Summer heatwaves bring the added difficulty of trying to figure out what shoes to wear. It’s too hot for trainers and boots, and socks are just an unneeded hassle. Luckily, we at Fashion Friendly have got you covered with our selection of footwear. To make it easier for you, we have made a list with all the shoes you might need, for every activity you might do!

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  4. Top 4 Summer Accessories

    A cheery person wearing a hat and sunglasses.

    Summer means putting all your winter clothes away and bringing out all of your favourite summer outfits. However, sometimes, you just want to jazz up an outfit, without paying an arm and a leg for some new clothes! This list of our Top 4 Summer Accessories will help you spice up your outfits, without it costing the earth.

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  5. 3 Outfit Ideas for Under £50

    A person underneath a pile of clothes.

    When summer arrives, so do a lot of plans. It’s super important to make sure you look and feel your best, without breaking the bank – that’s where we come in! We have compiled a list of comfortable, versatile, and most importantly, fashionable outfits, all for under £50. That way, you can enjoy the weather, without the stress of figuring out what to wear!

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