Top Tips for Dressing to Stay Cool This Summer!

It may be temperamental, but the Great British summer is here. With temperatures rising, it can be difficult to stay cool throughout the day. If you struggle with the stifling heat, it could be a sign that you’re not dressing for hot weather. Your choice of clothes can make a huge difference to how you feel when the sun is blaring down on you. Here are some tips for dressing to stay cool this summer.

1. Choose flowing materials

There is no worse feeling than clothes clinging to you when you feel hot. The feeling of your clothes sticking to your skin can feel uncomfortable and sometimes even suffocating. To overcome this, choose bigger and flowing material. Clothes like this will give your skin some room to breathe while also protecting you from intense sun exposure.

If you dislike showing too much skin, this is also a great option for you. Instead of shorts and skirts, opt for loose trousers and maxi dresses. You can stay covered while also preventing your clothes from sticking to you. If you prefer a nice t-shirt, try going for a bigger size!

2. Go for fabrics like linen and cotton

Sometimes it’s the fabric of your clothes that will make the biggest difference to you this summer. Material like polyester and acrylic can make it hard for your skin to breathe and regulate temperature. Instead, you should try fabrics like linen and cotton. These natural materials are light and can give your skin that essential room to breathe too!

3. Choose light colours

Did you know dark colours absorb heat? During a heatwave, that’s the last thing you want! If the weather is set to rise where you are then make sure you’re dressing in white or light colours. Why not pair a white top with beige shorts – or opt for a pale blue dress or neutral kaftan. There are many pretty light colours you can experiment with that will reflect sunlight away from you.

4. Pick the right shoes

Although they’re sometimes a neglected part of peoples’ outfits, your choice of footwear can play a huge role in keeping you comfortable in hot weather. The most important factor to consider is the breathability of your shoes. Try to go for breathable fabrics or open shoes so that your feet can stay cool all day long.

On hot days, the wrong pair of shoes may make your feet sweat excessively and trap warmth leading to an increase in bacteria. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also lead to smelly feet and skin conditions like athlete’s foot!

5. Wear a hat

We apply sun cream to protect our skin from the sun, so why not extend that protection to your head too. Your hair and scalp are just as vulnerable to the sun so it’s important you take care when the sun is shining. A hat is a great way to look after your head on a sunny day and can even provide some shade for your face too! Whether you choose a cap or a straw hat, any hat with a rim will give you that essential protection for your head.