Clothing Care Essentials

Looking after your clothes is one of the best things you can do. Ultimately, your clothes should last you a long time, and that can change if they are not taken care of as well as they should be. Things like tumble drying your clothes can make them break down faster, or not using the correct coat hangers. This list has a few tips to make sure your clothes stay in the best condition, for as long as they possibly can!

Dress and Suit Bags

It’s likely that you have a few things in your wardrobe that you spent a bit of money on – maybe it’s a dress or a suit, but it’s for special occasions only. Making sure that they don’t get damaged is a priority, and these Dress and Suit Bags will make sure that your fancy outfits stay as pristine as they once were! Not only will they protect from any damage that might come from pests like moths, but also will stop dust damage and creasing.


Waterproof Spray

Items that are made from leather or suede will be more susceptible to water damage. Prevent any staining or discolouration with a Waterproof Spray. This one also has UV filters to prevent colours fading, and it’s perfect for outdoor shoes, bags, and coats.


Jumbo Wool Shaver

We all have that favourite jumper that is covered in tiny bits of fluff and bobbles from years of wear and washing. Instead of picking them off individually or, even worse, throwing your jumper away, invest in a Wool Shaver. It removes any unsightly pilling or bobbling from your garments, leaving them looking brand new!


Wooden Coat Hangers

Fed up with your clothes losing their shape on plastic coat hangers? Invest in some wooden coat hangers! Wooden coat hangers can sometimes be quite hard to find and are usually quite expensive, but this five-pack is only £9.99! They’ll make sure your clothes stay as they were meant to be, and they’ll look a lot better in your wardrobe than those plastic ones!



There is nothing worse than putting on a dress that you haven’t worn in a while, only to discover that it has loads of little holes in it! Stop pesky moths from devouring your favourite clothes and buy yourself something to stop them. These Moth Killers hang on your coat hangers, are lavender scented, and provide up to three months of protection, so your clothes stay safe throughout the season. If you want something a bit less harsh, buy yourself some mothballs to repel the pests from your storage, or get some cedarwood, which is a natural repellent.