Your Guide to Adaptive Clothing Blog.

What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing is a range of clothing and shoes that are specially designed for seniors and people with mobility issues. When everyday activities like getting dressed are painful, difficult, and tiring, it's crucial to find a way to make things easier.

To deal with this, adaptive clothing includes unique features that promote effortless dress, comfort, and reduce restriction to movement. This includes features like touch-fastening, wide-fitting items, easy-dress features, and loose fabrics.

What are some of the different kinds of adaptive clothing?

Touch-Fastening Shoes

Do you find it difficult to tie fiddly shoelaces? With touch-fastening shoes, there is no fuss or hassle. Simply slide your foot into the shoes, press on the fastener and get on with your day.

These types of shoes will often have Velcro or snap fasteners for easy use. We have a great selection of touch-fastening shoes, including stylish, floral canvas shoes and comfortable washable slippers.

Elastic Waist Trousers

Forget about tight waistbands, stiff buttons, and constricting trousers. Trousers with an elastic waistband provide comfort and style while still being easy to put on and take off.

Lightweight Black Floral Trousers. Lightweight Brown Floral Trousers.

There will be no pulling and tugging over hips, simply stretch the waistband out as you get dressed and pull them down at the end of the day. Don’t get stuck undoing buttons when you can slip in and out of a stylish pair of lightweight floral trousers.

Elastic Waist Skirts

Like elastic waist trousers, elastic waist skirts have a waistband made from stretchable material so you can put them on and take them off with ease. Our navy floral skirt is perfect for the summer months, constructed with thin and loose material to keep you cool and comfortable.

If you want to stay warm in winter, our jersey marl skirt has an adaptive, stretchable waistband and thick panels which can be paired with tights to keep you warm and looking smart.

Browse our great range for more fashionable easy-dress skirts.

Front Fastening Bras

Combine comfort and support with easy dress functionality with a front fastening bra. With this essential piece of underwear, you can prevent moving and stretching your arms too much.

If hook and eye fasteners are difficult to use, magnetic bra hooks are a great alternative. Put a stop to small and fiddly bra fasteners and this clothing solution to put your bra on quickly and easily.

Adaptive Accessories

When you have mobility issues, it can be a struggle to use regular lobster clasps or put sharp earrings into your ears. Adaptive accessories use alternatives like magnetic clasps and elasticated bands, which are specially designed for people who struggle with mobility issues.

Magnetic Clasp Attachments. Gent's Two Tone Stretch Citron Watch.

An elasticated wrist band watch will complement any outfit, while these magnetic clasps can be added to any necklace for easy fastening.  Add a splash of colour to any outfit, smart or casual, with adaptive accessories.

Stylish Adaptive Clothing

For clothing and footwear that combines form, function and style, Fashion Friendly is the online shop for you. We have a great collection of women's clothing and men’s clothing, as well as a range of wide-fitting shoes.

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