Dress to Stay Warm This Winter

Starting to find it a bit chilly? We've got you covered this winter. Follow these tips are stay warm all the way through these cold months.


Material matters

Ever thrown on a thick jumper or winter coat but found that it just couldn’t warm you up? It may be because of its material type. When it comes to cold weather, you will be best sticking with natural material like wool and cotton. Wool has natural insulating properties and fairs well in keeping sheep warm outside.

Alternatively, fabric like fleece imitate the insulating properties of wool. If you find wool to be itchy, fleece can be a great alternative. It’s also light and dries quickly – perfect for those wintery showers!

Lovely layers

If you find your fleece top and wool coat isn’t fighting the cold, it’s time to layer up. Layering clothes helps trap heat between each layer to fight against the chill. Start with a base layer, this could be a vest top or a long sleeve t-shirt. Your base should sit close to your skin. Next add a top or jumper. If you know it’s going to be a particularly chilly day, put them both on.

Cardigans are a great piece for layering. With button fastenings, they’re easy to add or remove according to your temperature. If you’re worried that all these layers are too much, swap your jumper for a nice chunky knit cardigan. They’re also a great way to compliment your outfit too. Of course, the final layer is your winter coat. This will trap all that heat in and keep you nice and cosy all day.


Special Shoes

With winter comes cold and wet weather. No matter how far you may be walking, the right pair of shoes is essential for the cold months to come. You can be guaranteed to get caught in rain showers and flurries of snow so it’s important your shoes can keep your feet dry.

If you can, go for shoes with a rubber sole. Unlike leather, suede and canvas, rubber is non-porous so it won’t absorb water. When you’re walking on damp grass and across puddles, rubber soles will repel water to keep your feet dry. For all round protection, rubber shoes like wellies are one of the better options.

Of course, you can still wear leather boots, however it’s important to take proper care of your boots and treat them with a waterproofing spray while they’re dry.


Always accessorise

While you have warmed up your core with our previous tips, don’t forget the rest of your body! A good hat, scarf and gloves are essential for keep your important body parts warm. You lose a fair amount of body heat from your head and neck so it’s essential to keep them wrapped up.

It’s not just your upper body that needs to be taken care of. A good pair of thick socks can help care for your feet as you walk through snow. For extra care, wear thick socks on top of your normal pair. Not only will this keep your feet warm, but it can also help prevent blisters as you walk.

Thank the thermals

If all these tips aren’t making you any warmer this winter, it’s time to look into thermal clothing. Thermals are specially designed to help generate and keep heat so you can warm up quicker. Thankfully, you can get all kinds of thermals – from tops to leggings – so your whole body can stay warm. They vary in price and come with different levels of insulation so you can pick just the right one for you. Thermal clothing is great for using as a base layer too, so you can add the rest of your outfit on top. You can even wear them as pyjamas at home and relax in comfort.