Why Fleece is a Wardrobe Essential

As the weather gets colder, it can be hard to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes to keep you warm. Fleece is a sure-fire way of keeping yourself warm, but also looking stylish and put together. Everyone should have a versatile fleece in their wardrobe, and here at Fashion Friendly, we stock some gorgeous pieces of fleece clothing. Here are a few reasons why you need to make room for fleece in your wardrobe this winter, and why you’ll never want to get rid of it ever again!

Fleece Coats and Jackets


There is no wonder why fleece is becoming the go to outerwear this winter: it’s warm, versatile, and can manage several tasks at once, whilst still looking good doing it. Wearable indoors or out, fleece jackets are also a brilliant layering piece. Wear them under bigger jackets on colder days, or on their own with your favourite jumper on days that are milder, they’re the perfect way to make sure you’re never too hot or too cold – always just right!


Fleece Gilets


Ever feel like your outfit is missing something? Jazz up a long sleeve t-shirt or your favourite roll neck jumper with a fleece gilet! These figure-flattering outfit completers are the perfect thing to throw on for chilly evenings, a Sunday dog walk, or just running errands in the countdown to Christmas!


Fleece Pyjamas


Winter nights can be bitter, and it’s always good to make sure you’re bundled up warm and snug as you get ready for bed. Sometimes, the promise of putting on your favourite fleece pyjamas and getting into bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea is all that gets you through the day. Fleece is perfect to sleep in, as not only does it keep you cosy all night, but it’s also super comfortable, so you’ll have a brilliant nights sleep.