How to Dress for Your Body Shape

With winter comes jumpers, big coats, and boots, and it can be hard to feel stylish and put together when warmth comes first! However, this guide will help you determine the best things to wear for your body type, so you can feel put together all year round!

If your body shape is APPLE, you will have…

  • Large bust
  • Full middle
  • Shapely legs

If you fit these criteria, then you should opt for detailing above the bust and below the hipline, any clothing that features straight lines, such as A-line skirts, and any details or texture around your middle or bust. Jackets that are shorter and or finish at your widest point should also be avoided. Empire line tops and dresses, and V-neck tops, are incredibly flattering on this shape as they create the illusion of a longer body.


If your body shape is HOURGLASS, you will have…

  • Full bust
  • Small waist
  • Large hips

Congratulations! If you fit these criteria, you have the most coveted of all body shapes. Styles that suit you will emphasise your curves. Opt for V-neck t-shirts over high necked tops, and avoid straight shapes, boxy jackets, and detailing around your bust and hips, as this will add unnecessary volume.


If your body shape is a COLUMN, you will have…

  • Waist, hip, and shoulder measurements that are roughly the same
  • A small bust

If this is you, you want as much detail and interest in your outfit as possible so as to create the illusion of curves. Opt for high necklines and colourful bottoms and try to avoid anything too figure hugging or with square necklines.


If your body shape is a PEAR, you will have…

  • Large hips and thighs
  • A defined waist
  • A small bust

If this criteria fits you, then you should choose plain bottoms (either skirts or trousers) and lively tops. Layering on your top half helps to draw the eye away from your curvier bottom half, making you look more balanced. Make sure to highlight your waist with tailored garments and belts, as well as accentuation your shoulders with jackets or tops that feature lapels or collars. Try and steer clear of dropped waistlines, patterns on your hipline and cropped trousers.


If your body shape is an INVERTED TRIANGLE, you will have…

  • Wider shoulders than hips
  • Flat hips and bottom
  • Little waist definition

If this is your body shape, then try and keep your top half simple, with plain tops and jackets, and add lots of detail to your lower half. Things like patterned skirts and trousers will work wonders for you, as they will help to even out your figure. You should avoid shoulder pads, as these will make you look broader, tapered skirts and busy patterns on your top half.