Amy Thompson

  1. Our Top Summer Picks!

    Our Top Summer Picks!

    Summer has landed, with the sun shining brightly it is time to update your summer wardrobe. We have selected 10 products to help keep you cool and looking fabulous.

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  2. Fashion Tips for Spring

    Fashion Tips for Spring

    The weather can be temperamental this time of year in the UK, so it is hard to know what to wear. We have put together a list of tips to helps you update your wardrobe for spring.

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  3. Earth Day - 22nd April 2022

    Earth Day - 22nd April 2022

    Earth Day is a global event to demonstrate support for global protection. It started in 1970 and every year since then on 22nd April people take part in various events around the world to help to take care of our planet. For more information on Earth Day visit

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